Inventory Form

15,00 €
Inventory Form to complete and sign and enclose to the French lease agreement

The “Etat des lieux” is a record of the condition of the property at the time that the tenancy starts. In French law, a rented property is assumed to be in a good condition at the beginning of a tenancy, unless there is evidence to the contrary. As such, it is advisable to have a complete inventory of the property when the tenant enters into possession because, by default, the tenant will be deemed to have entered into a property ‘in good condition of maintenance repairs’ (Article 1731 of the French Civil code).

Immediately after you have left the premises, a further Etat des Lieux must be carried out, and compared with that prepared prior to your entry into the property. In case of any damages, the landlord is entitled to deduct the costs of such damages from the security deposit.

You will find herewith an inventory form to use either when signing the tenancy agreement or when you are leaving the premises.