FAQ Settling in France

I have a French bank account in France. In a restoration dispute, two cheques to seperate suppliers ‘bounced’. I have paid suppliers the full amount, one by bank transfer and the other in cash. I did not get receipts and neither supplier has responded when I asked them to confirm they have been paid. How long will I have to wait before these bad payments are wiped from my record and will I still need to pay timbre fiscal to the bank?

PACS (Pacte Civil de Solidarité)

The Civil Solidarity pact (Pacte Civil de Solidarité namelly PACS)  is a formalised contract drawn up between two persons of different or same gender in order to legalise their domestic partnership. Both parties must be of age.

The PACS agreement implies certain responsibilities but also entitles the signatories to a certain number of legal rights in terms of: taxation, social protection, employment and housing. It is not possible to establish a PACS between three or more persons.

A PACS cannot be drawn up: