The selling process

There are two main legal stages involved in your sale, the first contract (ie: compromis de vente or promesse de vente) and the actual transfer of title, which takes place on signature of the Acte de Vente.

Like as purchasing a property in France, it is advisable to retain the services of a bilingual French lawyer in order to assist you in the process of selling you French property.

Using a French lawyer as an estate agent

Since February 2010, a French lawyer is authorised, as a secondary profession, to act as an agent of real-estate transactions, if he is registered as such in his Bar.

Using a lawyer as an estate agent, in addition to his legal services, is very beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

First of all, whether it is for buying or for selling a French property, the intervention of just one intermediary, especially if the latter is bilingual and based in France, simplifies the whole process.

Mandatory surveys

This is the seller (and not the purchaser as it is in UK) who is required, as part of the sale process, to arrange for a number of surveys and reports to be prepared on the property. These surveys are called the Dossier de Diagnostic Technique (DDT). When completed, they are attached to the sale and purchase agreement.

It is imperative these surveys are carried out, failing which the buyer can later withdraw from the sale, or can seek a lower purchase price. Make sure that surveyor has an accreditation from a Comité d’accreditation français (COFRAC).

The conveyancing Process in France

General information regarding the French legal system

In any purchase of a property in France, consideration must be given at an early stage as there are a number of important issues to take into account such as who is going to purchase the property (you alone? or jointly with your spouse? or though a company? etc.), general and inheritance tax projections, the source of the funds, French inheritance laws, etc.